Alex Seman

Web Developer


Web Developer at Inforitus - building cool sites, handling frontend, backend, (LAMP/LEMP) VPS setup & our hosting services.




Web Developer & DevOps


  • Responsible for YourMediaKit: cloud media storage solution for companies & organizations. I handle both development and infrastructure of the project – web server, DB, queueing workloads, maintenance & tuning.
  • Configuration & maintenance of our hosting servers (with DirectAdmin)
  • Involved in end to end website development (frontend & backend)


Prototype UI Developer


  • Involved in development of the prototype of the company's product, spearheading it's roadmap
  • Responsible for transitioning the team's versioning system from SVN to Mercurial

Freelance Web Developer


  • Eye opening experience, being solely responsible for every aspect of the operation: searching for clients, negotiating fees & deadlines, fast-paced development while not compromising on quality
  • End to end development of online reverse-bidding platform (now closed)
  • Development of various projects from small presentational sites to an online magazine ( – now closed)

Vuzum Digital Agency

Web Developer


  • Exciting times – my first job – diverse projects, tight deadlines, big name clients, learned a lot


Faculty of Computer Science, Iassy

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science


  • I'm particularly proud of the project for my bachelor's degree: an Adobe AIR (desktop) application called MagicTags (screenshot) which can fetch for any MP3 file an acoustic fingerprint identifying the song name and artist and further querying web services for extra info about it (e.g. lyrics) trying to fill as many ID3 tags for it as possible. It was written in Adobe Flex and it used for fingerprinting the LibOFA library; it was all packaged within an installer which facilitated easy install on Windows systems. It also featured a JavaME part used to ping through Bluetooth a user's mobile phone to determine it's nearby presence and based on that it would pause/resume the MP3 playback - the bridge between the AIR and the Java applications was possible through a tool called Merapi.

Computer Science Highschool, Iassy

Certificate of Medium Programming Competences